Osmocom - Cell Broadcasting - CBC


I do have a question about the CBC.
I’d like to know if it’s really possible to just use it as standalone?

I was trying to running it but the message appear often:

The config is like this:

local-port 48049

ried alot of configuration but none seems to work, is there another way to configure and getting it working?

Best regards!

Have you done some unusual configuration on the machine (like disabling IPv6 in the kernel completely?)

You could start osmo-cbc in strace to see which syscall (and with which parameters) return the “Protocol not supported” message.

This looks to me like you’re running a kernel without SCTP support. SBc-AP is specified over SCTP, as far as I recall, so your Linux kernel must have SCTP support. Note that Linux has had SCTP support for decades, and all major distributions have it enabled (as kernel module).

So whatever you did to disable it must be something you’ve been doing locally on your system. Maybe you have a custom kernel build?

Good catch! Some distros like ArchLinux will clean-up kernel modules for the currently running kernels after a system upgrade, even if the kernel is still loaded.
The system can’t load any new modules then, which would probably cause this behaviour as well.

@julianeble Did you do a system upgrade and then not reboot after that? If so: Do a reboot :wink:


Yea you’re right! I’m running a it with the Rocky Linux 8.
I did install all the modules and now it’s trying to estabilish the connection.
But now I’m getting some new error:

<0003> fsm.c:456 SBcAP-Link(MME1-ZTE)[0x55afdbf129c0]{INIT}: Allocated
Assert failed g_cbc->config.sbcap.num_local_host > 0 sbcap_link.c:204
backtrace() returned 11 addresses
/lib64/libosmocore.so.20(osmo_panic+0xd1) [0x7fbd4c1af5a1]
osmo-cbc(+0x10691) [0x55afdba20691]
osmo-cbc(+0x769c) [0x55afdba1769c]
/lib64/libosmovty.so.9(vty_go_parent+0x81) [0x7fbd4c3e2e51]
/lib64/libosmovty.so.9(config_from_file+0x201) [0x7fbd4c3e34e1]
/lib64/libosmovty.so.9(vty_read_config_filep+0x46) [0x7fbd4c3e65c6]
/lib64/libosmovty.so.9(vty_read_config_file+0x2d) [0x7fbd4c3e6d4d]
osmo-cbc(+0x6d9e) [0x55afdba16d9e]
/lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe5) [0x7fbd4b7c6d85]
osmo-cbc(+0x70de) [0x55afdba170de]

Is that some known issue?

Best regards!

I think we’ve reached the point where a bug tracker should be used and not a general discussion forum.

Please kindly file an issue on osmocom.org in the section of the osmo-cbc software including all details such as the exact version of osmo-cbc + libosmocore + libosmo-sigtran you’re using, as well as your configuration file.