OsmoDevCon 2024 Registration + CfP

After several years of break since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it is my great pleasure to finally announce OsmoDevCon2024, our (previously annual) Osmocom Developer Conference for developers, by developers.

The conference is held May 3rd through May 6th at the Van der Valk Hotel Berlin/Brandenburg conference hotel.

Contrary to our past OsmoDevCons (which have all been rather low budget, grass roots events), laforge felt that particularly after the long COVID-related break, it would be nice to do something slightly more fancy: Stay together with the entire group for four days, in a conference hotel.

sysmocom (and hopefully soon other) sponsors will cover the accomodation and conference cost for any volunteers contributing to Osmocom only in their spare time.

If you have contributed to Osmocom projects in the past (writing code, funding, documentation, packaging or related activities) you are eligible to attend. Please register no later than March 1st on the OsmoDevCon2024 wiki page!

At the same time, the Call for Proposals is open: I’m sure after several years of a break, everyone must have hacked on (or learned about) many exciting things they would like to share. Any and all proposals are greatly aprreciated. Please don’t wait too long so we can put together a draft schedule ASAP.