Exhibit at Classic Computing 2024?

I’m considering to run another retronetworking exhibit at Classic Computing 2024, after our exhibit there last year. Is anyone else willing to co-host the exhibit again? Last year I fell ill so it was a lot of burden on @manawyrm - let’s hope this year I’m able to take more shifts at the event itself.

I’ve meanwhile bought a number of “Aufsteller” (those stand-up displays for one A4 page providing information about an exhibit).

Things that we need to improve upon, IMHO:

  • more things to demo, like a local BBS?
  • a solution (with 5G router or the like) to avoid dependency on potentially crappy internet connectivity at the event
  • maybe less exhibits, but more things to demo?
  • make sure we submit our exhibit descriptions in time to be part of the catalogue

My thinking is along the lines of:

  • ISDN video phones [again]
  • maybe two fax machines [even G4?] so people can send Faxes from A to B?
  • Modem + RIPterm setup to remote BBS
  • Modem + TELIX setup for [local, in case of internet trouble?] ANSI-BBS
  • A BTX-Terminal?
  • A few ancient analog phones, maybe at different locations at the venue, each with a small printed directory of numbers that one can call?
  • An accoustic coupler
  • having a flyer that people can take with them on the project and how to connect