eSIM profile for JavaCard applet

Hello everyone,

I have just received my eUICC card (with TST keys) and I’m a bit lost in all the documentation. What I’m trying to do is deploy a test JavaCard applet to the card using an eSIM profile. Is there any documentation you’d recommend to get me started? Alternatively, has anyone done this before?

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You would have to:

  1. create the eSIM profile containing the applet (wrapped in an Application PE),
  2. add this profile to the available profiles in a SM-DP+ such as,
  3. download and enable that profile to your test eUICC using lpac or whatever LPA you prefer to use

Creating the Application PE would have to be done according to the SImAlliance/TCA Profile Interoperable Technical Specification, see Section 8.7 Application loading and installation. You should be able to just binary concatenate an existing TS.48 test profile with that PE-Application, as the profile is a sequence of profile elements without any wrapper around it.

I have not done this myself so far. pySim contains some python library code (pySim.esim.saip) for working with the profile data, personalizing it, etc - but there’s no method that would allow you to e.g. add a CAP file (applet) to a profile.
Contributions in terms of patches (or funding) is always welcome.

Let us know how it goes!

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